Tesla’s New CCS Adapter Finally Allows Drivers to Use Public Chargers

Tesla has finally released its long-awaited CCS adapter, which allows Tesla drivers to use any public charging station. This is a massive relief for Tesla owners. Many have expressed that they have wanted this product for a long time. With this adapter, Tesla owners can now charge their cars at any public charging station. This means that drivers won’t need to rely on Tesla’s own Superchargers as much. 

Why Tesla’s CCS Adapter Is So Important

Tesla’s CCS adapter is so important because it finally allows Tesla drivers to charge their cars at any public charging station. This has been a significant problem for Tesla owners for a long time, especially since Tesla announced that the Supercharger network would be opened to electric vehicle brands that were not Tesla. This meant that while other EV brand owners could now use the Supercharger network, Tesla owners were still stuck with only being able to use Tesla’s own charging stations.

This was a significant inconvenience for Tesla owners, as it meant that they either had to find a Tesla charging station or use their home charger if they wanted to charge their car. This adapter finally solves that problem and allows Tesla owners to charge their cars at any public charging station.

The CCS adapter is also important because it will help increase the number of places where Tesla owners can charge their cars which will make it more accessible to take longer trips and reduces the amount of wait time for a public charger. However, it’s important to note that Tesla’s Supercharger network is still the best way to charge a Tesla brand electric vehicle. 

The CCS Combo 1 Adapter

According to the Tesla product description, “The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is compatible with most newer Tesla vehicles. While some vehicles may require a retrofit to ensure functionality with third-party CCS stations. We recommend checking that your vehicle is on the latest available software prior to signing in to your Tesla Account to verify vehicle compatibility.”

However, Tesla also warns that “Most third-party stations are not capable of charging Tesla vehicles at 250kW. Tesla does not regulate the pricing or charging experience at third-party charging stations. Network membership is typically required at third-party charging stations.

In order to purchase the adapter, you’ll need to sign into your Tesla account. Non-Tesla owners are unable to buy the product. The adapter is $250 and will be shipped within two weeks once purchased. If you are a Tesla owner, the CCS adapter is a must-have accessory and will make charging your car much easier.


Overall, the release of Tesla’s CCS adapter is excellent news for Tesla drivers. With this adapter, they can now charge their cars at any public charger. This gives Tesla drivers a massive advantage over other electric car owners. If you’re a Tesla driver, be sure to pick up a CCS adapter so that you can take advantage of all the public chargers out there.