Tesla Model 3 Highland Design Update and Unrevealed Changes Confirmed

A Tesla insider has verified the Tesla Model 3 Highland design update and undisclosed design modifications.

Although the Tesla Model 3 has moved from being Tesla’s top-selling product to the second place, it remains highly significant. For a number of consumers, the Model 3 delivers superior driving performance and aesthetics compared to the larger Model Y, while others are attracted by its lower base price. Regardless of the reason for choosing the Model 3, there is plenty of excitement surrounding its design update, known as “Project Highland.” Recently, a leak revealed the forthcoming vehicle’s design, and several previously undisclosed upgrades have now been confirmed.

An inside source at Tesla provided the design confirmation, which was subsequently published by the Twitter account of Teslascope.

The insider’s message notably verifies the authenticity of the Model 3 update image shared on Reddit, which showcases “Model S style headlights” and a more streamlined front grille.


Image Credit: u/ffiarpg/Reddit

Besides, this verification sheds light on some previously undisclosed design alterations, such as Tesla’s plan to abandon “in-house seats.” It is uncertain how this change will impact the interior design. However, based on earlier information, we know that other interior modifications are on the way, including the removal of the wood trim and its replacement with a cloth accent trim.

The Highland update for the Model 3 will also introduce a significant set of manufacturing improvements, making the vehicle more cost-effective, faster to assemble, and more efficiently produced than ever before.

Unfortunately, details about mechanical enhancements to the Model 3 have not been disclosed. Given Tesla’s recent actions, a lower base price is expected. Coupled with numerous electronic upgrades that make various components lighter, smaller, and more efficient, the updated Model 3 is likely to see noticeable improvements in range and overall driving performance.