This is the ZEV Society’s comprehensive list of future EV models. This is intended to be an ongoing project where we will build on as new model information comes out. If you see your favorite vehicle missing from the list, give us a shout on our contact page and we will get it updated ASAP!

List of Future EV Models (Updated November 2020)

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Aspark Owl


This hypercar will be made in Japan via Aspark with a limited production slot of 50. MSRP will be roughly $3.2 million, out of reach for the average individual. Pushing for 280 miles of range with nearly 2000 horsepower, this thing will be a beast that can propel down the road at 250mph. Expect this electric vehicle to hit the streets sometime in 2020.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Lagonda

Lagonda All-Terrain

Straight out of a sci-fi movie the Lagonda All-Terrain SUV is a sight to look at. We couldn’t find any known price tags but we expect it to be in the standard exotic price range. Ashton Martin claims to be releasing this wild car in 2023.


Audi etron GT

e-Tron GT

One of our favorites, the e-Tron GT is a 590 HP luxury vehicle that will price out at roughly $75k. Anticipating its debut on roads in 2020 getting 250-mile range on a single charge. What’s equally impressive is the production efforts put in to making this beauty.

Q4 e-Tron

Another MEB architecture vehicle from the VW Group, the Q4 e-Tron will be a midsize SUV between the Q3 and Q5. This all-electric vehicle should arrive in 2021 at a fair MSRP of $45k and achieve a 250-mile range.


BMW i4


The BMW i4 is an impeccable luxury sedan that is anticipated in 2021. This vehicle should give a limited range of anxiety with its projected 372-mile range. At a $50k price target, this will be a fierce competitor in the luxury market.

Vision iNext

2023 will be an interesting time if this sick vehicle is hitting the streets. BMW expects level 3 autonomy; we’re curious if they will get away with camera mirrors most of the photos show, doubtful. It definitely adds a futuristic look to this car. This won’t come cheap; MSRP for the iNext is projected at $100,000


It doesn’t sound like the BMW iX3 is coming to the USA; it will be for China and Europe. Still a cool car we wanted to discuss. The overall price will hail $77,000 for an SUV that brings roughly 285 miles range. Don’t expect to see it here for now!


Bollinger B1


The Bollinger B1 is a boxy SUV claiming 200 miles range. It’s not your daily driver if you look at it, it has a very rugged appearance. A wild design feature literally has a hole through the middle of the car, you can look from the trunk to the front of the vehicle. More of a designer showcase fetching $125K, I am sure celebrities will eat this up for clout.


This is quite similar to the B1 just with a truck bed. Again, not a typical daily driver but it boasts 600+ HP with 200 miles range. The Bollinger B2 should start showing up in 2021.


Byton M-Byte

M-Byte SUV Concept

Another new startup electric company brings the Byton M-Byte SUV to the table, which should arrive in mid-2021. Most of the concepts have a European look to them, curious if they will differentiate for the American market. This Chinese made SUV will be interesting to see on US streets. Expect a low entry price of 45k and 250 miles of range.


Chevrolet Electric Pickup

The Chevy truck will get a full-size electric version. Trucks, being the largest automotive segment in the USA, will be the hardest scrutinized EV’s out there. GM claims 400+ mile-range, but what will matter is the towing and practicality! We are excited to see what this thing can haul when the full details are realized, too bad we have to wait until 2025.


Faraday Future FF 91

Future FF91

The infamous Faraday Future, will this be a thing? We aren’t very sure but they project the release of this SUV in 2023. The SUV should get a range of 400 miles but comes with a hefty 200k price tag. Tapping into the Automotive market is no easy feat, ask Tesla.


Ford Mustang Mach E

F-150 Electric

Another truck, from the famous Ford, this F-150 electric version will be an important vehicle for EV adoption. The 300-mile range F-150 Lightning will be priced at $55,000, a fair value for the segment. This one will be watched closely to see the towing and practicality. Expect this in 2022!

Mustang Mach-E

Ford is releasing an electric “mustang” for 2020 which oddly, will be an SUV. It’s anticipated to get a 300-mile range starting at $42k. Not sure how the American Muscle fans are going to react to this, it better beat up on those V8’s. See the full performance specs and features here.


Genesis Essentia


Genesis has this featured sports car that will be an all-electric monster pushing 1900 HP. Only estimating $75,000 MSRP, this thing will pack in the ponies for your money. 2023 is a ways away, we hope Genesis makes it a reality.


2020 GMC Electric Hummer

All-Electric Hummer

The Hummer, with no emissions, what a time to be alive. We still remember when the last Hummers were sold back in 2010. This tank will get a whopping 1,000 horsepower for a little north of $100k. The range is expected to be about 350 miles. GMC, thank you for bringing the legend back! Don’t forget to check out the 2024 GMC Hummer EV!



Jaguar XJ

XJ Electric

The Jaguar XJ Electric will price out at about $76,000, touting a 300-mile range. We anticipate this to come out in 2020.


Lordstown Endurance Truck


We got another EV startup, promising at least, claiming 50,000 pre-orders for the Endurance Truck. This 2021 truck will get up to 250 miles range and hit your pocketbook at $52,000. Lordstown took over the old GM Ohio plant. Excited to see some American made EV Trucks!


Lotus Evija


The Evija is another hypercar coming in 2020. This bad boy carries a $2 million price tag and is limited to 130 units. You can get to where you are going pretty quickly with a 0-186mph in under 9 seconds. Expect this to hit the streets in 2020.


Lucid Air


The EV auto market is so full of startups it’s hard to keep up. The Lucid Air is a luxury sedan expected to have a 500-mile range for roughly $77,000. This new startup hopes to release these models in 2021.


Mazda MX-30


The Mazda MX-30 will be their first mass-produced electric car. Unfortunately, it is only anticipated to get 130 miles range. We aren’t sure that will be enough to garner attention, but at a $35,000 sticker price we anticipate a few to be purchased. Expect this vehicle by 2021.


Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS


This subcompact SUV has only been revealed with Camo. Mercedes expects to roll this off production in 2021. The luxury vehicle should get about 250 miles per charge at a price we cannot find, yet.


Another subcompact SUV with some ponies under the… hood? This Mercedes should get 400+ horsepower and a nearly 300-mile range. Expect this to hit the streets in 2021 with a sticker price of $67,000.


The EQE Mercedes is a luxury sedan expected to release in 2021. A nice 350-mile range for $77,000. Looking forward to these being on the road.


The wildest of the EQ lineup, this luxury sedan has quite the design. It’s not very clear the range this vehicle will get, but we anticipate between 200-400. Expect the Mercedes-Benz EQS to hit the streets in 2021 to 2022.

G-Class Electric

The G-Wagon is going electric! Expect this luxury SUV to get about 200-mile range, driving cities near you in 2022. The G-Wagon will fetch a high price tag we are sure of, just not clear on the specifics yet.


Nikola Badger


Another infamous startup, we are still unsure if Nikola will actually produce vehicles. They claim a whopping 600 miles range for a reasonable $60,000. Nikola has been rattled with issues since the beginning, we are curious to see if they make this a reality. Release date of the Badger is unknown.


Nissan Ariya

Nissan Ariya

Nissan is no newbie at electric vehicles, the Ariya will be a practical family car. Expecting to release in 2021, this may be a highly adopted EV. Price range comes in at about $40,000, and the vehicle should get about 300 miles before it’s next charge.


Porsche Mission E

Mission E Cross Turismo Concept

The Mission E is a new model from Porsche with an interesting design. Limited details on when we can anticipate the vehicle to be on the road. We are excited to see the full specifications.

Macan EV

Porsche has plans to release an electric version of the Macan. The Macan is touting a 104k sticker price with 300 miles to the charge. Anticipate this luxury SUV in 2023.

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is already prowling the streets. This seriously awesome sportscar lives up to the Porsche nameplate.


Rivian RT


Like DJ Khaled said “another one”. Yes, another startup Rivian is releasing the R1T in 2021. The truck claims to get 400 miles to the charge for $69,000.  

Rivian R1S

The R1S is an SUV expected to release in 2021. Rivian is claiming a 400-mile range with an MSRP of $72,000. Seriously curious how these startups will fare.


Tesla Cybertruck


The notorious Cybertruck and its futuristic design are expected to hit the road in 2022. With 650,000 preorders we anticipate only see the Cybertruck on the road. There will be no one else. All jokes aside, this low-cost truck will be a sight to see once it hits the road!

Tesla Roadster

The Roadster is coming refreshed for 2022 with seriously impressive speed and acceleration. 0-100 in 4 seconds, wow! This powerhouse will cost you a pretty penny, estimating two hundred thousand dollars!


Volkswagen id Buzz

ID. Buzz

Am enthusiasts dream, Volkswagen is anticipating production of the ID. Buzz for 2022. This appears to be the only van in the EV lineup that we have spotted. When cars go fully autonomous vans will be all the rage, I think they are on to something. 300 miles for $40,000, pretty fair deal!


The ID.4 was revealed back in September 2020, this practical SUV should hit the streets in 2021. The expected range is at 250 miles, and should have an MSRP under $40,000.

Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzion

Another rarity, a wagon, Volkswagen is set to release in 2022. This EV should get about 300 miles to the charge. Price tags are unknown at this point but we will drop the details once available. Learn more about the ID lineup and Volkswagen’s electric vehicles.


Volvo XC40 Recharge

XC40 Recharge

Volvo started production in 2020 on the XC40 Recharge. This model should start appearing on roads in 2021. The XC40 is expecting a 200-mile range for under $60,000.