Lucid Motors (formerly known as Atieva) unveiled its 2021 Lucid Air electric luxury sedan at their Silicon Valley headquarters virtual event. The Lucid Air has been in the making for over a decade. The company was founded in 2007 and took its start from manufacturing high-performance batteries for E Racing teams. However, the company was renamed Lucid Motors in 2016 to make a medium-sized sedan feel like a roomy flagship and massive vehicle.

The Lucid Air electric sedan was expected to be unveiled earlier in 2020 at the New York Auto Show but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Tesla’s Luxury Competitor

It is being said that people are expecting more from Lucid as it has the technical chops and internal knowledge of the automotive world and can grip as maker of the ultimate luxury of electric sedan. However, now it is time to find out whether it is true or not with a detailed overview of this new car!

Almost every EV being currently release is held up against Tesla inevitably in terms of comparison, but only a few of these are actually having Tesla DNA running in their bloodstream. Surprisingly, the Lucid Air is one of those few vehicles.

2021 Lucid Air Dream Edition

Lucid Air Overview

The Lucid Air is not a knockoff of a Model S, and it is actually pretty far from it. More amazingly, Lucid Air seems to outperform that model in multiple categories including acceleration, charging time, range, and more. Because it has been designed by the people who actually have intimate knowledge about the path of Tesla to global EV domination.

Most of the specs of Lucid Air have been announced. The media strategy of the company has been releasing a new tidbit of its features weekly for the previous month. So, when it comes to the features of the Air, it seems like we already know much about the vehicle. However, here is an overview of Lucid Air specs that you must know:

  • 113 kWh battery pack
  • 517 miles range under perfect riding conditions
  • 1,080 horsepower
  • 280 liter/9.9 cubic feet capacity frunk (front trunk)


The Lucid Air will start from $69,900 USD and people can pre-book this luxury electric vehicle today for just $300. This electric sedan is based on the most advanced electric vehicle technology of the world which makes it look pretty impressive.


The Lucid Air ecosystem includes a vehicle control application with which you can use your smartphone as your digital key. Even more, it can let you interact with vehicles with your own device through Alexa voice control as well as advanced displays.

You can plan the entire journey through your smartphone, including finding charging points, sending navigation to the car, preconditioning temperature, and much more.

  • The welcome sequence for authorized access includes unlocking the doors automatically, extending the handle, and more.
  • You can also use facial recognition features to adjust your vehicle to your personalized settings.
  • Drivers can also enjoy the Lucid immersive audio system and connect with the world of their smart devices through built-in wi-fi.
  • Just like any smart device, this vehicle also receives updates through its own secure ethernet ring to ensure the car technology is always cutting-edge with security and encryption built-in.

Performance Specs

The entry-level Lucid Air will feature a single electric motor to drive rear wheels. It can produce a max of 480 horsepower. However, the Dream Edition can offer 1,080 horsepower. While the rest of the models will contain dual motors to offer you all-drive wheels.  The top speed that the Air can offer is 200 mph and can hit 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

In the pursuit of a lightweight construction which is meant to contribute to overall performance, every component of its powertrain is optimized with next-generation technology to extract even more performance in the best possible way. Additionally, the less weight of this EV also adds more to its performance and efficiency.

Battery Life & Range

The Lucid Air will offer a max range of up to 517 miles as per EPA estimates. This is the highest range of any electric vehicle available in the market currently. However, the affordable variants of Air will come up with a shorter range.

While Lucid Air is featuring a battery pack of 113 kWh. The battery also comes with an amazing DC fast charge capacity which will let you recoup up to 300 miles with just 20 minutes of charging.

Design Features

The Lucid Air of the future is perfectly designed for the people of the present day. It features crisp fonts, warm tones, and ambient lighting to offer passengers a highly tactile experience. The Air’s interior design is similarly inspired by a private jet with a carefully crafted front cabin. The front cabin will have a darker color with a lighter palette in the rear cabin.

The rear design of the vehicle will reflect the spirit of relaxation and lounging. The vehicle’s interior design is meant to make the passengers’ and drivers’ time well-spent in the vehicle. The design themes of Lucid Air are crafted with materials and colors that can invoke California’s sense of place and mind. Buyers will be allowed to choose any of the following design themes as per their preferences:

  • Mojave
  • Tahoe
  • Santa Cruz
  • Big Basin
  • Santa Monica

Each of these comes with its own aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lucid Air is blending the luxury yet agile exterior with an expansive interior and top-notch specs. The exclusive moisturized powertrain components and amazing features are meant to maximize its performance while providing more room for passengers to have a comfortable travel experience at the same time.

The expectations of Lucid Motors is high. Stay updated with ZEV Society to see how this luxury electric vehicle will perform in the market!

The Official Lucid Air Global Reveal Video