The 2020 Tesla Model Y has just passed its NHTSA crash safety test with flying colors! The Model Y obtained a 5-star safety rating after finishing its crash test from the NHTSA. Watch the video below.

Tesla Model Y Crash Test Conditions

NHTSA mentions the following conditions used for the 2020 Tesla Model Y crash test:

Front: Tested vehicle crashed head-on with a fixed barrier at 35 mph. This is equivalent to a head-on collision between two vehicles of equal weight and height, each moving at 35 mph.

Side: a 3,015 lb moving barrier with a crumple zone (replicating a moving sedan or other short-height vehicles) moving at 38.5 mph is crashed into the tested vehicle’s side.

Side-pole: Tested vehicle traveling sideways at 20 mph collides with a 25cm wide rigid pole at a 75-degree angle at the point of the driver’s seat, replicating a crash with a tree or utility pole.

Tesla Model Y Side Crash Test

Credit: NHTSA

Tesla’s Focus On Safety

Tesla is known for its autonomous electric vehicles and breaking technology, but safety is also a primary focus. Safety has been a top priority for Tesla that can be seen in its current models on the market. The Model S, Model X, and Model 3 all have 5-star safety ratings and have a great reputation for driver safety. Tesla’s award-winning electric vehicles and company have been coined as the “new safety technology benchmark”.

Now that their latest compact electric SUV has added another safety win to their portfolio, what will we see next from Tesla? ZEV Society will keep you in the loop on the latest Tesla news!


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