The 2022 Lordstown Endurance is an electric truck pickup, whose interior photos are being released ahead of the launch of this electric truck, which is expected in the next year. Most amazingly the pre-orders for this electric truck pickup are growing on a continuous basis. There are now over 100,000 pre-orders on its name, with an average of 500 trucks for commercial fleets. Well, overall, it seems nice to hear the interest of people in electric pickups.

Well, everyone wants to see the features which are attracting more and more people towards the Lordstown Endurance. Let’s have a look at the overview of the Endurance to get to know the truck even more!

Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck

Lordstown Endurance Overview

The Lordstown Endurance is the first one among the electric truck pickups on the horizon to see the day’s light and enter the United States market. The version of EV truck pickup has been revealed to the people. Most amazingly, the Endurance will have no shortage of rivals in the market as Rivian R1T, Bollinger B2, and The Tesla Cybertruck, all are expected to launch their EVs next year as well.

The Endurance is going to produce up to 600 horsepower with four in-hub electric motors power. It will also offer a range of more than 250 miles. While at the same time the towing capacity of the Endurance is expected to come in at 7,5000 pounds.

Lordstown Motors has revealed a sports-car-like handling for the Endurance to ensure it is one of the safest electric truck pickups on the roads. While the bold statement of the Endurance will match the reality of pickup for sure.


The targeted price for the Lordstown Endurance is about $52,500, before any tax credit. However, Lordstown has not mentioned yet the trim levels and options it is going to be available for. But more amazingly, Lordstown Motors has also been accepting deposits of $1,000 for pre-orders since the end of the previous year.

Overall, the Endurance is being built from the ground up. And it is going to be an all-electric vehicle that will offer a minimum 200 miles EPA range.


The Lordstown Endurance comes up with the technology that can power endurance in-house. Rather than putting an electric motor over every axle, just like the configuration that is being used by a majority of electric cars of 2020, engineers of the Endurance preferred to give every wheel its motor.

This technology is offering the Endurance a four-wheel-drive system through the road. More amazingly, this is going to allow every wheel to be controlled separately.

It is also believed that Endurance will offer most of the infotainment and connectivity features such as Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspot, SiriusXM satellite radio, Apple Car play, etc.

lordstown endurance frame

Transmission, Motor, and Performance Specs

One of the main performance features of the Lordstown Endurance is its ability to tow up to 7,500 lbs.

The Endurance has a peak horsepower of 600, which is combined with the futuristic system of hub motors.

It also contains 4 in-wheel motors which makes it the very first of its own kind of truck pickup. This feature is meant to reduce the number of moving parts of this vehicle, which will ultimately improve vehicle control significantly. This advancement will also lead to fewer costs of maintenance as compared to traditional commercial vehicles.

Even more, the 4 in-wheel motors will also help the driver to get out of a muddy, sticky and slippery situation in the best possible way.

Overall, the performance of the Endurance is going to be amazing. We are expecting to hear more from Lordstown Motors about the payload capacity, safety features, etc.

Lordstown Endurance Interior

Design Features

The Lordstown Endurance will be built from the ground up to be a new and exclusive type of electric pickup truck. This will certainly be a pickup truck that is designed safer, smarter as well as more productive at work.

The sketch of the Endurance is suggesting that it will come up with a function-oriented dashboard with a wider screen that is going to combine an infotainment system and instrument cluster as well. As there are not tons of buttons to see on the dashboard, it means that most of the functions of Endurance are going to be accessible through the screen. The driver of the truck will sit in front of its four-spoke steering wheel.

Additionally, the exterior of the Endurance will contain a crew cab body with four doors. Even more, the pickup truck will seat five passengers. It also contains a storage bin that is of generous size under the front armrest.

It will provide passenger space that is highly competitive as compared to other pickups of similar size. It also seems like this new electric truck will look more sophisticated with a comfortable and contemporary cabin.

Battery Life & Range

As per Lordstown Motors, the Endurance will come up with the target of about 250 miles as its range. However, the battery size of this vehicle is 109 kWh which is going to come up with 10 hrs of battery charging time. Overall, these range and battery numbers of the Endurance are looking plausible as compared to the driving range of various Electric Vehicles that are available in the market at the present time.

Final Thoughts

The specs of the Lordstown Endurance seem amazing. Overall, drivers would be able to travel long distances with the Endurance safely. Because of its amazing range which is expected to exceed 250 miles.

If the company is going to get a toehold in the market, it will bring numerous opportunities for the future, surely, including the production of an SUV or smaller electric truck.


Consumer Questions

Is Lordstown Motors owned by GM?

GM is an investor in the Lordstown Motors merger that is anticipated to be publicly traded soon. Their investment is assisting in the purchase and initial start-up of the manufacturing facility.

How much will the Lordstown Endurance cost?

You can expect a $52,500 price tag.

What is the Lordstown Endurance release date?

Deliveries are expected to bein in September 2021, with full production throughout 2022.