Many people like the cost savings that they can get when they buy a used car. This can be especially true when it comes to more expensive car options such as the Tesla. If you are looking at buying a used Tesla Model 3, it can help you get as much information about this purchase as you possibly can. By reading on, you can learn the basics of buying a used Model 3 and whether or not the purchase is worth it. 

How Much Does a Used Tesla Model 3 Cost?

The biggest question that you have is how much will a used Tesla Model 3 cost? Can you get one for less than $30,000? Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can get a used Tesla Model 3 for under $30,000. These cars will typically cost between $34,000 and $50,000 used, though several factors can impact how expensive these used cars are. 

How Many Years Will It Last?

One of the best things about Tesla cars is how long these cars last. A major part of this is that unlike most used cars, the Tesla cars can be at least excellent cars up to the 500,000-mile mark. However, you can invest in a new battery that will last you another 500,000 miles, which you can’t get with a used car. Different things can affect this: how often you have to charge the battery from 0% and other issues with the batteries you can expect with these cars. You can learn more about Tesla battery technology here.

In 2019, the first driver to get their Tesla Model 3 to hit 100,000 miles discussed his car at this point. The car managed to hold up pretty well, only requiring some maintenance due to the driver trying to take his car to its limits. These repairs that were required didn’t cost much compared to car repairs for regular cars, only costing him about $500.

This story shows that even when the Tesla does get up there in miles, it’s still an incredibly reliable car that drivers love. These cars can last you a long time with proper care and charging the cars properly.

Is it Worth Buying a Used Tesla Model 3?

If the satisfaction of current customers is any indication, the answer is an absolute yes. These are reliable cars with the longevity that car owners want when spending that much money on a car.

Tesla Model 3 cars tend to hold a high value on the resale market, which is one reason why it’s tough to find a used Model 3 for less than $30,000. If you do find a Tesla Model 3 used, there are a few things that you should look at. For one thing, there were some issues in the past with some models that could be very costly to fix if you were unaware of these repairs. However, the good news is that Tesla does offer an excellent warranty of 8 years and up to 120,000 miles (depending on the model). This warranty may still be valid and can cover many of these expenses you would incur.

Inspect Before Buying

You should treat buying a used Tesla Model 3 as you would if you were purchasing any other used car. The first thing that you should do is to schedule an inspection with the seller so that you can personally inspect the car. Ideally, you will see it wherever they store the car to get an idea of the type of care and storage of the car. This gives a good insight into the condition of the car. It’s also recommended that you see the car when it’s dry, as a wet body can hide imperfections or body issues that may impact whether or not you should buy the car.

It’s a good idea for you to bring a friend when inspecting the car, especially if they are familiar with cars or a Tesla Model 3. They can catch something that you may not see, looking at it with a fresh perspective. You should never purchase a used car, especially a used Model 3, without seeing it.

Which Used Model 3 Should You Get?

This can depend on what your budget is. Your budget should be reasonable and factor in any potential expenses if you need to pay for any repairs. The early Model 3 did have issues, but newer models seem not to have many of these same issues. It would be best if you took note of the warranty number, which allows you to determine whether the car still has a valid warranty that you can take advantage of should something happen after purchasing your used Tesla. You do have the option of purchasing an extended warranty to get extra peace of mind for your future with this car.

Where Do You Buy a Used Model 3?

You can either buy a used Tesla directly from the company or purchase it from a 3rd party seller like Edmunds. If you get the used car from a Tesla dealer, you will end up with more protection than if you had purchased from an independent dealer or a 3rd party seller. No matter where you purchase from, it’s important to check out the car to make sure that it’s in good condition and get a car worth the money.  


A used Tesla can be a great option for someone who wants to ride around a Tesla but may not have the ability to purchase a brand new one. You may run into issues purchasing a used Tesla Model 3, as many of the current owners don’t seem in a rush to upgrade to another car. They tend to love their cars, with most of their users rating their experience driving these cars as incredibly enjoyable. However, if you can score a used Model 3, you will find that the car is more than worth it.