Spoiler alert – the BMW iX3 is not available for the North American market yet as two new editions are being offered exclusively to the UK Market for summer 2021.  And these are the iX3’s we will be looking at and, from what we have seen, the specs and other data that have been released by BMW are impressive overall.

Beginning in summer 2021 buyers in the UK will be able to choose one of two styles of the iX3 edition: the iX3 Premier and the iX3 Premier Pro.  And though the X3 is top of the line in diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles, the iX3 is the first all-electric drive system offered in this line by BMW.


Premier Edition or Premier Edition Pro?

Both vehicles off a substantial assortment of standard equipment over the rest of the X3 line.  Premier or Pro is a choice made on the extras you may require.  Both Premier and Pro offer high end accoutrements as standard; and this includes 20″ Aerodynamic Wheels, Adaptive Suspension, Panoramic Sunroof, automatic tailgate, and color options.

Standard equipment that will be found on the Premier – Driver assist technology, parking assist, BMW Live Cockpit Professional, heated front seats and wireless phone charging.

Additional standard equipment that will be found on the pro – Comfort access and Lumbar support, Parking assistant plus, Heads’ up display, Harmon Kardon surround sound system, Gesture control and high beam assistant.


The iX3 Premier Edition can be had for £61,900, and the Pro Edition for £64,900. Since both cost more than £50,000, neither will qualify for the government’s Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG).

Both iX3 models feature the BMW’s latest infotainment operating system, capable of over-the-air (OtA) updates. The system contains a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch display. Each has adanced voice recognition and will support Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.



The iX3 has inherited the solid good looks of the traditional X3 line with some slight modifications, none of which will be off putting to the admirer of the X3 line. The chief differences are modifications made to enhance aerodynamics. The smoothed body cuts wind resistance, and the iconic grille is now an inert feature. It is still there, but since the engine no longer needs oxygen, the air slats are gone.

The iX3 still maintains the look and feel of a traditional SUV; even with the smoothed surfaces, it looks a bit boxy. Compared to the Audi Q4 e-tron, which has attempted to merge a coupe with an SUV and looks rather futuristic, the iX3 is modern with a comfortable appearance.  Anyone looking for a low-key vehicle with an electric powertrain will be very satisfied with the iX3.

Available Colors

Four exterior and two exterior color selections are offered.  The exterior body paint comes in a selection of metallics: Phytonic Blue, Sophisto Grey, Carbon Black, and Mineral White.  The contrasting trim selections are Brushed aluminum or Black High Gloss.

Customers can choose from two color options of Sensatec leather for the seat upholstery in the cabin:  Mokka and Black. Cabin trim selections are black, grey, wood, aluminum, and glossy wood. Check out BMW’s blog for all of the awesome customizations for the iX3!

BMW iX3 Battery and Range

The BMW iX3 comes with an 80kWh battery (74kWh capacity) in the form of a 400V lithium-ion pack.  This power source enables ranges of up to 285 miles on a single charge.  Further, BMW’s choice of battery pack lowers the iX3’s cells’ weight compared to other brands.   The result is that it can charge faster while requiring fewer stops on long trips.

The BMW iX3 is 150kW charge rate capable, meaning the batteries can charge up from zero to 80% in under 35 minutes.  Although with a more standard 11 kW, 16-amp, 230-volt wall box, charge time to 100% is roughly 7.5 hours.

Performance Specs

Suspension, Braking, and Stability

The new iX3 is currently rear-wheel drive only, and double-joint spring struts provide the front suspension. The back features a five-link setup.  Adaptive damping is standard.  Brakes are single-piston floating calipers air vented. The battery pack location has significantly reduced the center of gravity for the iX3, making for an exceptionally stable ride.


245/50 mounted on 7.5 J x 19-inch wheels.


The powertrain is designed for power and efficiency.  The motor, transmission, and correlating electronics occupy a single housing. BMW choose this elegant solution for optimal efficiency.

The electric motor packs a punch, being 30% more power-dense than other electric vehicles in the BMW program.  Compared to combustion engines at 40% efficiency, the new motor comes in at 93% efficiency.  And all without the use of magnets and rare earth metals.

Unlike most other electric motors, the heart of the BMW iX3 can sustain at high revs the peak torque of 195 lb-ft.  A maximum hp output of 286 combined with the torque enables the iX3 to strafe from 0 to 62 mph in roughly 6.8 seconds.


The topmost speed is electronically governed to 112 mph.  All excess power is concentrated on the rear wheels for the classic BMW unique driving experience.  Traction is not an issue with this model as the standard actuator contiguous wheel slip limitation technology comes standard with the vehicle.

Take an Interior Tour of the BMW iX3

Even though the iX3 isn’t set to have a USA release, we still thought it would be great to share the news with BMW fans. What do you think of the 2021 iX3? Let us know in the comments below!