BMW will not come empty-handed in 2021, the BMW i4 will compete with the likes of the Audi e-tron GT and Tesla Model 3. This four-door all-electric sports car will boast an impressive 530 horsepower motor with 372-mile range. Current pricing is unknown, but ZEV Society has its estimates below. The design carries the new look and feel of BMW with the extra-large kidney grills. Interior design is focused on a minimalistic approach. The i4 technology overview is relatively limited, we do not anticipate any groundbreaking revelations here. We anticipate the BMW i4 to be a competitive selling vehicle in its segment.

Vehicle Production and Pricing

2021 is the anticipated time for the new i4 to roll off the production line. BMW did a hefty 200 million euro overhaul of their Munich Plant in order to accommodate the i4 production. The few changes among many included an automated system for battery assembly using cameras to ensure proper positioning. An electric conveyor upgrade that is stronger which BMW claims were a huge change to the facility.  Additional functional testing areas for the ever-complex driver assistance features coming in newer model vehicles. Pricing details are limited but our estimates put a sticker price starting at $49,000.

Electric Motor Performance Specifications

The BMW i4 is said to utilize a single motor that will produce 530 HP and propel it to 62mph in 4 seconds. Feeding that motor is a battery with 80 kWh of capacity. BMW designed a sleek and thin battery construction weighing in at about 1200 lbs. They claim this vehicle matches up to their V8 combustion engines. We are curious to see how the true specifications match up to rivals.

  • Power – 530 HP
  • Acceleration – 0-62 in 4 seconds
  • Battery Capacity – 80 kWh battery

Battery Range Specifications

For the average driver range anxiety shouldn’t be of much concern, BMW states the i4 will get up to a 372-mile range. The overall charging capacity is anticipated to be 150 kilowatts which will charge the battery from 0 to 80 in roughly 35 minutes. They state they will use their 5th generation eDrive technology for charging, motor, and electronics.

  • Battery Range – 372 miles
  • Charging Capacity – 150 kilowatts
  • Charging Efficiency – Charge to 80% is 35 minutes

Vehicle Technology

Interior vehicle technology is expected to offer a large touch screen display and fully digital instrument cluster combination, gesture controls, wireless charging for phones, and Wi-Fi. Additionally, we anticipate full OTA (over the air) updates for software features on the vehicle. We believe the standard driver assistance features BMW has to offer will be included. As we mentioned, nothing groundbreaking here beyond the new EV technology.

Vehicle Design Features

The i4 features a modern appearance with a fastback style roofline with shorter overhangs, long wheelbase, 4 doors, and a larger than expected interior. The front facia will feature the large kidney grills with blue accents common in BMW’s electric models. The headlamps will maintain the LED 4 eye design that seamlessly molds into the body lines. The interior bolsters an all-white minimalistic design with a combined instrument cluster and infotainment console. The curved display is quite an impressive feature. Overall design aspects fit right in line with BMW. At ZEV Society, we are excited to see the BMW i4 hit the road!