The new MEB architecture will be hitting the streets soon, the ID.4 is an all-new electric SUV by Volkswagen that is a serious competitor! Volkswagen has made serious investments around electric vehicle mobility; they will be investing another 11 billion euros by 2024. Those investments bring you a well-rounded SUV with 250 miles of range from a 82kWh battery, and a 0-60mph in 8 seconds with a single motor set up.

This is a family vehicle folks, practicality is key and Volkswagen nails it. The MEB architecture features some serious technology, we will need an entire write-up just to cover the coolness. Customers can anticipate a solid entry price under $40k without credits. Read further for more information about the upcoming Volkswagen ID.4!

Vehicle Production and Pricing

Production of the ID.4 will occur in Germany, the USA, and China. The first models available in the United States will be German-built at the Zwickau factory. Early owners will get the rare opportunity to own a German-built model, then production will shift to the production facility in Chattanooga in 2022. Pre-orders kicked off at their global reveal in September which quickly sold out of the first available. Volkswagens site still shows pre-orders available for the Pro which should arrive by mid-2021. The ID.4 heats up the competition with a very reasonable 40k sticker price.

Electric Motor Performance Specifications

The ID.4 will first release with a rear-wheel-drive single motor set up producing 201 horsepower. Future models will offer a dual-motor setup with an all-wheel drive and 302 horsepower. The ID.4 will be capable of towing up to 2700 pounds. Honestly, 0-60 being 8 seconds is a relief, ZEV Society thinks the crazy 3-4 second mark for family cars is over the top. All of this powertrain is brought to you by an 82kWh battery capacity.

  • Power – 201-302 HP
  • Torque – 228 lb.-ft
  • Acceleration – 0-60 in 8 seconds
  • Battery Capacity – 82 kWh battery

Battery Range Specifications

The ID.4 anticipated range is 250 miles, which is a respectable distance. The overall fast charging capacity is 125 kW for the future pro model, the initial release will be 100 kW. The charge to 80 is a bit below 40 minutes, but a fresh 60-mile range can be achieved in 10. That electricity will come free of charge thanks to Electrify America, early owners get their first 3 years free at all EA locations.

  • Battery Range – 250 miles
  • Charging Capacity – 125 kilowatts
  • Charging Efficiency – Charge to 80% in 40 minutes. 60-mile range in 10 minutes

Vehicle Technology

The ID.4 will come with a few cool features such as ID. Light, intuitive start, wireless connectivity, and Car-Net. The overall architecture, the MEB, is what is fascinating about the vehicle which we plan to dedicate a future writeup too. The ID. Light feature is a communication beacon letting the driver know charge status, inform on braking warnings and incoming calls. Intuitive start senses the driver when they enter the vehicle by the FOB. Wireless connectivity allows for cordless charging and app-connect. Finally, Car-Net is your owner hub to control various features and view statistics on the car.

Vehicle Design Features

Volkswagen, well done with the overall design on the ID.4, we believe design is key for the adoption of electric vehicles. The ID.4 doesn’t scream “Hey, I am an obnoxious looking electric car” it is an elegant design that will not be a negative factor towards adoption, and we like that. The interior is minimalist and roomy. The overall design features will make this electric vehicle a highly practical competitor for the average American. Did we mention you get free charging for 3 years?!