Ford revealed the all-electric Mustang Mach E recently; ZEV Society has a bittersweet opinion overall. Upfront, we will cover the sweet; at the bottom of this article, we outline the bitter. Standard Mustang options apply, but we will be covering the GT model specifically. Ford is touting an acceleration of 0-60 in the mid-3-second range, 235-mile range, on a 98.8 kWh battery.

It appears production will not be alongside its USA combustion engine model but at Ford’s plant in Mexico. MSRP for the Mach E GT starts at $60,500, a hefty premium than the $35,880 combustion engine Mustang. Technology will feature Ford’s next-generation SYNC, over the air updates, and upgraded infotainment touch screen. Overall, the Mustang Mach E is a well-rounded car, but.. well.. read the bitter section.

Vehicle Production and Pricing

Ford is limited to the details of the overall investment in its Mexico production facility. They do outline a year of revamping to accommodate the Mustang Mach E. Heavy investment is typically involved in producing electric vehicles. OEM’s have shown that dedication. While a base price Mustang Mach E comes in at $42,895, the GT starts at $60,500. This price tag is a tough pill to swallow for a Mustang lover.

Production starts in December 2020; we anticipate seeing these on the road very soon.

Electric Motor Performance Specifications

The Mach E GT will come with a dual motor set up one on the front and rear axle making it AWD. Peak power will come in at 459 horsepower and 612 LB.-FT of torque. The GT is anticipated to go 0-60 in the mid 3 seconds right in line with its competitors. Overall battery capacity comes in at 98.8 kWh which is larger than the base model. Overall, we are pleased with the performance specifications of the Mustang Mach E GT.

  • Power – 459 HP
  • Torque – 612 lb.-ft
  • Acceleration – 0-60 in 3.5 seconds
  • Battery Capacity – 98.8 kWh battery

Battery Range Specifications

The Mach E GT anticipated range is 235 miles, other models achieve a range between 210-300 miles. Ford utilizes 150 kW fast charging on the GT which allows a 10 to 80% charge in 45 minutes. From our perspective, this is a Mustang and we shouldn’t anticipate long haul drives and family road trips. The specifications outlined by Ford would meet what we anticipate for a Mustang.

  • Battery Range – 235 miles
  • Charging Capacity – 150 kilowatts
  • Charging Efficiency – Charge 10-80% range in 45 minutes

Mustang Mach E GT Vehicle Technology

The technology offering from Ford is on par with the brand, the vehicle will offer its next-generation SYNC, OTA updates, and some fancy infotainment upgrades. The next-generation SYNC has integrated machine learning to improve the interface and adapt to the driver’s preferences. Over the air updates will provide immediate updates to software from anywhere with an internet connection. OTA would most likely allow for future product offerings you could adjust on the fly.

Faster car? Let’s buy a day pass to increase performance, OTA will allow it. The infotainment is attempting to be a direct Tesla competitor with a massive vertical screen that is obnoxious, but the people love it! We personally like the screens; c’mon they are cool.

Vehicle Design Features – THE BITTER

Wait a gosh darn second, is that thing a #$@! SUV?! The walls are closing in, ZevSociety is confused, the new Mustang is going to be an SUV? The writer of this article is a former Mustang owner and fanboy of the vehicle, it holds a special place in his heart. The design of the SUV is sleek and impressive, we like the overall design, but this is not a Mustang.

It’s hard to separate the two, we would give it an A if it were an SUV with a new model name. Ford decided to call this a Mustang and that makes it tough to rank, a mid-grade sports car turned SUV. It’s already going to be tough to convince the V8 American Muscle lovers that electric is great, Ford had to take it a step further and make the Mustang an SUV, that will be impossible for them to adopt.