GM is bringing back the Hummer! The last Hummer rolled off the assembly line in 2010, notoriously known for being a gas guzzler will now be a fully electric beast. The Hummer EV Edition 1 offers impressive performance, unique design, and advanced technology. We dive deeper into the 3 motor, wireless battery management, and off-road capabilities of the 2022 Hummer below.

Hummer EV Production and Price

GM is taking zero-emissions vehicles seriously, $2.2 billion serious, with a repurpose and retooling of their Detroit Hamtramck facility. The 40-year-old facility comes with a new name “Factory ZERO” where GM states more new production of ZEVs will come. Production is set to begin in late 2021 which we anticipate them to start driving by 2022. The price tag on the new Hummer is big, just like the vehicle $112,600 is where models will start.

Electric Motor Performance Specifications

The Hummer EV comes with a 3 motor Ultium drive system that will produce an estimated 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. This serious amount of power will haul this EV 0-60 in 3 seconds, which is on par with a 2020 Lamborghini Aventador that will do it in 2.9! The battery capacity is a staggering 200 kWh. This Hummer has some serious performance that we can’t wait to see in action.

  • Power – 1,000 HP
  • Torque – 11,500 lb-ft
  • Acceleration – 0-60 in 3 seconds
  • Battery Capacity – 200 kWh battery

Battery Range Specifications

GM has done heavy research and investment in its new Ultium technology. The Hummer battery will have a 24-module pack of vertically lined cells. The battery tech combined with the wireless management system will allow the Hummer to get a range of 350 miles. The architecture is based on an 800-volt fast charging at 350 kilowatts, allowing you to charge to a 100-mile range in a quick 10 minutes.

  • Battery Range – 350 miles
  • Charging Capacity – 350 kilowatts
  • Charging Efficiency – Charge to 100-mile range in 10 minutes

Vehicle Technology

This vehicle does not fall short in the technology department featuring Super Cruise, One Pedal Driving, and Regen on Demand to name a few. Utilizing LiDAR data and a driver attention system the Super Cruise feature will allow for hands-free lane changing. One Pedal Driving is just that, you can bring the vehicle to a complete stop with just the accelerator pedal. Combined with Regen on Demand these features will put kinetic energy from forwarding momentum back into the battery, increasing efficiency.

Vehicle Design Features

The Hummer EV Edition one is a unique, what we assume, limited design version. This edition will come with a truck bed and 4 doors. The front face is an aggressive design with a futuristic upgrade to the traditional hummer grill. The brush guard underbody will assist the vehicle in off-road situations and adds a performance look that is elegant and not overwhelming. The interior featured is colored in white, black, and bronze that appears modern yet functional. The overall interior design is box-like that states rugged. Common with these EV’s is an infotainment screen that is big, the Hummer brings just that with a 13.4-inch screen. The UI (User Interface) of the screen/infotainment unit will be powered by Android. GM did a great job designing the new Hummer EV Edition 1, ZEV Society is excited to see this legend back on the road.

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