With carbon emissions at an all-time high and the latest focus on ecological challenges such as climate change, more and more people are making little changes in a bid to do their bit for the planet.

It is well known that electric vehicles can reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, but few actually realize or pay attention to the advantages of fueling with electricity. One of the most obvious advantages is the cost-saving of gas. Another is that, like your laptop or smartphone, your vehicle can be plugged in each day and ready for use the next morning. But something often overlooked is that electric motors react quickly; they’re responsive AND have excellent torque. While not all makes may live up to this promise, you’re guaranteed of it with the Kia Niro EV 2021. Because, well, that’s the Kia difference. 

Kia’s newest all-electric utility vehicle, the Niro EV, adapted from the hybrid and plug-in Niro, is a double whammy. Not only is this upgrade aesthetically pleasing, practical, and affordable, but it comes jam-packed with desirable standard features and a host of driver assists, not just for your safety but for your driving pleasure too. Let’s take a look at why you would need one of these refined and subcompact crossovers that also happens to be an electric vehicle.


A Few Important Benefits of the Niro EV

The Niro EV has an environmental protection agency (EPA) rated range of 239 miles, thanks to a 64.0 kW battery. Recharging is a dream. With a 240-volt connection, you will be up and running in under nine hours. And there’s more! The Niro EV offers standard DC fast charge ability, meaning that if it’s hooked up to a 100-kW fast charger, 80% of its battery can be reloaded in an hour, with no inconvenience to you at all. We know that it won’t take much convincing, but remember that you still qualify for an additional $7,500 federal tax credit on this vehicle in addition to the amazing price. 



So, we’ve already figured that this beauty is a head-turner. And since it’s built for your pleasure and comfort, what can you expect on the inside? For starters, with safety being at the top of the list of priorities, the all-electric Niro comes with driver-assist technology enhanced by navigation-based adaptive cruise control, a highway driving aid, and an alert that notifies you when the vehicle ahead of you departs. No more hooting from behind to get you to move. Forward collision warning, forward collision-avoidance assist, and lane following assist are just a few of the Drive-Wise features that are standard on this vehicle. 

The upgrade also includes a standard door-based rear occupant alert function, so your little bundle of joy will never be left in the car. With a remote start system that allows you to precondition your interior, you’ll never be left in sweat or chills because your cabin can be heated or cooled before your jump in. And because the joy of music can never be undermined, all models are equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning that you’re covered regardless of your choice of the operating system. The smooth, refined ride means that you also get to enjoy your sound because wind and road noise is drastically reduced.


Engine, Battery Life, and Performance

With all the beauty and comfort in your cabin, what can you expect from its engine? Well, this baby is powered by a single electric motor that produces 201 horsepower. Added to that is a quick zero to 60mph in 6.2 seconds, bringing this powerhouse up in the ranks. Advanced technology enables regenerative braking, which also recharges the car as you break, with the help of paddles mounted on the steering wheel. 


Kia Niro EV Models and Pricing

Our range leaves you spoilt for choice, with options available for every taste, preference, and budget.


The EX Trim

The EX Trim comes standard with surprising features, including power and heated front seats, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and standard driver-assist features such as lane-keeping assist and departure warning, automated emergency braking, high beam assist blind-spot monitoring. There is also a 7-inch digital driver display and a six-speaker, 8-inch touchscreen Bluetooth infotainment system. At a starting price of $39,090, there isn’t anything not to love about this model. 


The EX Premium

A step ahead of the EX Trim, in addition to its standard features, you get the extra enjoyment of a power sunroof, ventilated front seats, and wireless charging, with stop and go added to the navigation-based smart cruise control curve. The infotainment screen is upgraded to an impressive 10.3 inches, includes a voice-activated navigation system, SiriusXM satellite radio, and 8 speakers. Coming in at $44,650, not only is the Premium affordable, but the value far exceeds the price. 

These amazing features are more than enough on their own. However, in pure Kia style, you’re still eligible for the most comprehensive, complete, and thorough warranty coverage to make sure that you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck.

  • Hybrid components are covered for 10 years or 100 000 miles
  • The power train warranty covers 10 years or 100 000 miles
  • The limited warranty covers 5 years or 60 000 miles, beating any of their competitors

The practicality, efficiency, advanced technology, and safety features make this vehicle a leader in its class. One would have thought that we had it all in the Niro EV’s predecessor, but it’s clear that there’s always room for improvement. Style, class, space, safety, and affordability – there’s been no compromise, making an enthralling case for a cross-over to an energy-efficient, zero-emission, eco-friendly vehicle. And need I remind you of the $75,00 tax credit you get just to make the change to the Kia Niro EV? Can you afford not to? Your family deserves the best. They deserve the Kia Niro EV.