Schwinn is an American bicycle company that produces a range of bicycle options for adults and children. They are one of America’s most famous cycling brands, and recently, Schwinn has begun to produce a range of electric bikes. This has opened up the market to plenty of competitors looking to create the next best e-bike.

In reviewing electric bikes, we looked at different models on the market and what makes each one stand apart in the crowded e-bike industry. Whether you are in the market looking to simplify your daily commute or get up that proverbial hill, we examined the bike specifications, range, motor type, battery life, price, and other features to give you a brief overview of some of the top e-bikes on the market.


Schwinn Constance Electric Bike

Schwinn Constance

The Schwinn Constance cruiser has that classic retro Schwinn look and comes in a range of bold colors, making it a great choice for newer electric bike users. The motor is a smaller 250W and has a 400W hour battery.

The motor runs with a high level of efficiency and is very quiet when riding. It is also powerful despite its smaller size and more than capable of tackling most hills or obstacles you will encounter if you use the 7-Speed gears with care.

This is also a cost-effective bike, with several entry-level parts, which keep the price down. The Constance retails for $2,499.


Schwinn World GSE Electric Bike

Schwinn World GSE

The Schwinn World GSE has a sleeker and more modern look and is perfect for riding around the city. It looks at more advanced comfort features such as ergonomic grips, basic suspension fork, and seat post-shock.

The motor is 250W and is made of Lithium, making it a great lightweight battery option. The battery is also fast-charging and easily removable. It is a rear-mounted battery and sits below a handy rack for bags or anything else you need to transport with you.

This bike retails for $1,999 and contains a huge range of features that more than justify the price tag.


Cube 20 Inch Compact Sport Hybrid E Bike

CUBE 20″ Compact Sport Hybrid 

One of the most powerful and high-quality electric bikes on the market, the CUBE 20″ Compact Sport Hybrid is a unique electric bike choice. Its design features an extra-long seat post, and low-rise handlebars are all completely adjustable, making it a good choice for riders of all heights.

One of the other important features of this bike is its compact design. The handlebars can swivel all the way around to line up with the bike frame, which allows the bike to fit into closets and other small spaces more easily.  

This bike is designed with a range of terrains and conditions in mind. It has a range of features, allowing you to ride at night, in wet weather, with a child or cargo seat, and even off-road with the high volume, puncture-resistant tires.

This electric bike does have all the features you could ask for in a bike, including a high-capacity Bosch Powerpack 500 battery. Because of all this, it is one of the more expensive electric bikes on the market, retailing at $3,499.


Benno RemiDemi 9D 

This sturdy, chromoly steel framed bike is built for rough terrain and carrying heavy objects. It has a carrying capacity of 65lbs, which is a lot higher than most electric bikes on the market. This is a bike also built for customization, as it has a lot of attachment points for accessories.

The battery, a PowerPack 400 battery, is smaller than you might expect, and this means that the bike is not as fast since it is also a heavier bike meant to carry significant loads. The bike is, however, designed to be extremely sturdy and carry heavy loads.

Another potential issue with this bike is that it doesn’t have many inbuilt suspensions because a majority of the suspension comes from the large wheels. However, the bike has several other comfort features, such as an extra-wide comfort saddle, ergonomic grips with inner lock wings, and large aluminum pedals with anti-slip nubs.

At a price point of $3,399, you would struggle to find anything sturdier or more weight-bearing than this electric bike. You do compromise a little bit of comfort and power to get there, however.


Surface 604 Rook Electric Bike

Surface 604 Rook

 This is a great bike for beginner riders because it is a feature-rich option at a reasonable price point. It has a higher-powered motor with 750 watts, allowing you to ride further and longer without feeling tired.

This bike has fantastic inbuilt torque suspension and a rear hub motor, which provides a highly smooth and responsive riding experience. There are also several comfort features like ergonomic grips that create a smooth riding experience. 

At a price point of $1,999, this is a great bike option for beginners and experienced riders alike and has a great range of features for the price point.


Electric Bike Pedal

Find an E-Bike That Fits Your Style & Needs

There is a huge range of electric bikes to suit a range of needs, whether you are commuting, transporting heavy items, or going off-road. If you are shopping for an electric bike, you first need to determine your needs and then find the option that works best for you. 

Finding a bike that is the correct height and works for your body is another important consideration when finding the right bike for you. Constant effort to research people’s interest in cycling has resulted in building bikes for both urban and rough road riding. Companies like Schwinn use the best European and American mechanics and design concepts, which includes the durable tubular design on iconic cantilever frame. 

Electric bikes are meant for bike racing enthusiasts and everyday cyclists who want a functional and lightweight bicycle with useful features.