Aptera is back in the spotlight unveiling pre-orders for their chargeless solar electric vehicle Paradigm and Paradigm +. Aptera claims the vehicle can drive up to 1,000 miles per charge, with typical use the solar charging will allow it to never need plugging in.

This futuristic, fast, efficient vehicle will definitely turn heads while driving down the road. Pre-orders were made available on December 4th  with prices ranging from $26-47k.

An impressive story as Aptera was once thought to have gone away, the recent comeback will be a story to watch. Aptera utilized crowdfunding in order to secure manufacturing for the future. Keep reading for more details on the Paradigm!

Aptera Paradigm Production and Pricing

The Aptera Paradigm boasts of its minimal structural parts required to build the vehicle. Utilizing only 4 vs the average 300, coupled with 3D-printing tooling Aptera claims building and scaling will be a simple task.

Aptera utilizes A.I. for a generative part design that reduces waste with the material. Composite resin-infused construction allows for lighter weight and improved strength than steel-based structures, claims Aptera.  Pricing for the vehicle’s first pre-orders ranges from $25,900 to $46,900.

Electric Motor Performance Specifications

The Paradigm utilizes a liquid-cooled motor that can accelerate the vehicle to 60 in 3.5 seconds on their AWD model. Horsepower and torque figures aren’t given for the vehicle. Battery packs in the vehicle range, the highest offering 100kWh and the lowest at 25. The customer can choose AWD or FWD using 2-3 motors respectively.

  • Power – Unknown HP
  • Torque – Unknown lb-ft
  • Acceleration – 0-60 in 3.5 seconds
  • Battery Capacity – 25-100 kWh battery


Battery Range Specifications

With pure solar charging Aptera claims a customer could achieve 40 miles per day or 11,000 miles per year on just solar power. On top of the solar power, the sEV utilizes a battery that can give the paradigm up to 1,000 miles in range. Utilizing DC fast charging the sEV can get 500 miles of range in an hour. There are 4 options between models for battery size, ultimately giving a customer a range between 250-1,000 miles.

  • Battery Range – up to 1,000 miles
  • Charging Capacity – Unknown
  • Charging Efficiency – Charge to 500-mile range in 60 minutes


Vehicle Technology

The coolest tech comes with the manufacturing of the vehicle. 3D-printed tooling and composite materials provide extremely lightweight components of the vehicle. The solar paneling on the vehicle has room to add more, which will give the customer further range. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with level 2 autonomous driving.


Vehicle Design Features

The Aptera Paradigm is a 3 wheeled vehicle that is so aerodynamic it only produces a .13 drag coefficient. The 2-seat cockpit is as minimal as possible to maintain efficiency and weight reduction. It appears to come in a black and white version for coloring. The interior is modern with a massive infotainment screen and what appears to be 2 screens for side mirrors. This vehicle is definitely a futuristic design that does not fall in line with a common-looking vehicle.

See the Paradigm sEV in Action!