Electric vehicles are rising in popularity all around the world as a new, greener and safer alternative to gasoline-fueled cars and trucks. It’s now also starting to make its mark in the recreational department of vehicles. ZEV Society is here to catch you up with the latest trend in the all-electric utility vehicle market!

When it comes to outdoor toys, many people are a bit particular about what their outdoor equipment runs on, but you’ll be surprised to see how well the Polaris Ranger EV performs and just as shocked by its price tag depending on which way you go with add-ons and extras.

2021 Polaris Ranger EV UTV

How Good is the Polaris Ranger EV?

One thing that is widely known about EV’s is that they don’t quite have the same range of power as traditional fossil-fueled cars, trucks, and engines in general. But as innovative thinkers dig down deep and continue to explore the possibilities of all-electric vehicles, some wonderful machinery has blossomed from these forward thinkers.

The Polaris ranger EV fairs quite well on large acreage and farms, and even for hunters looking for signs of wild game in the woods and along trails.


Performance & Specifications

You may be wondering how well this Electric powered UTV (utility terrain vehicle) performs when compared to a gasoline-fueled UTV. Reviews as always will have variations and subtle or extreme differences. Your experiences won’t always be the same as your neighbor or someone from another state with different weather conditions. In a nutshell, the Polaris Ranger EV performed well when compared with its petrol-fueled brothers in a variety of terrains and weather conditions.



It sports a single 48-Volt AC induction motor that is high-efficiency, giving it a great amount of power to complete tasks around large properties like farms or hunting grounds. No burning fossil-fuels means no smell or toxic emissions, but it does still have power. 



Equipped with low-noise gears and direct-drive lets this little stud UTV gives power to the wheels when it’s needed, but with less noise than other transmissions on the market. It can prowl through fields or go along some old trails in the woods and on a mountainside, the suspension can handle the road ahead.

Polaris Ranger EV Battery Power Supply

Battery Life & Range

The battery is a traditional Lead-Acid battery that can last upwards of a week depending on how frequently it is used, and the amount of power used with each use. Lighter loads on level terrain will see battery charge levels go good for up to a week or more, while steep or rugged terrain and heavy loads will drain the battery more quickly, resulting in more frequent charging. 

The range at which the battery lasts will depend on how often, long, and hard you work this UTV for at any given point in time. Charging the battery essentially is a breeze, as all you do is plug it into a vacant outlet and let it charge overnight.


Noise Levels

Electric engines can be much more silent than traditional gasoline-powered engines, and this makes it an excellent ride option for hunters or animal watchers. A quieter engine is also good around livestock that is easily startled by loud noises.


Suspension & Ride Quality

Not all bouncy rides are fun, especially when it comes to uneven and bumpy terrain you can’t go around or avoid. With a MacPherson Strut 9-inch suspension, any minor bumps won’t even read on your radar as you cruise right over them. 


Load & Towing Capacities

The Polaris ranger EV has a total load capacity of around 1000lbs. The box alone has a 500lb limit and installed is a standard 2-inch towing hitch that can handle up to 1500lbs. It’s got enough muscle to handle almost any task you throw at it. The load and towing capacity make it a great choice for small farms, hauling firewood, rocks, and other heavy objects that can’t be easily carried by hand.

Polaris Ranger EV Adjustable Steering Design

Design & Maintenance

Cosmetically the Polaris ranger is a beautiful utility terrain vehicle from a well-known company. Charging the battery has proven to be a slight problem, as the charging port is not accessible from the outside. For those looking for a quick-connect and charge system, this may be a huge turn-off and disadvantage for the Polaris EV, while for others it makes no difference to them so long as the UTV will do its job.

It currently only comes in two paint jobs; the Polaris pursuit camo and Avalanche Gray. The interior features are simple and the range of add-ons is good for a UTV, it allows customers to pick exactly what they’d like and how they want it.

View the full specs from the official Polaris site here.

How Well is the Polaris Ranger EV Priced?

Like many all-electric vehicles, the price tag is higher than some gasoline-fueled models and brands. The key takeaway for the Polaris is that it more environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to keep a gas can in your barn for it and deal with fumes. 

While not significantly more expensive than other models of UTVs, it does MSRP for almost $12 thousand dollars with the base model. Additional technology and features will increase the pricing, but that’s up to you whether or not the additional costs are worth it. 


Overall, It’s a Great All-Electric UTV

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered ATVs to use on your property then the Polaris ranger is a good choice. Its strong but quiet motor keeps it moving along so you can keep up with what’s important to you.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to appreciate the technology placed into this UTV from Polaris. Its overall endurance, features and should be what pushes you to make the decision to purchase a Polaris.

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