Curtiss Motorcycles made a large stir on the scene when the company rebranded itself in 2017 as an all-electric luxury motorcycle company, marking a significant shift away from their original product lines.

This shift revealed innovative and advanced prototypes with dramatic designs that incorporated their original themes and styles into their designs. Such designs brought a new futuristic modern approach that stepped away from their fighter jet-inspired bomber and hellcat lineups of the past.

With their futuristic and aggressive visuals that are sure to grab your attention, they also come loaded with enough power to blow away most conventional gasoline-powered bikes. For example, the new Curtiss One is built on the most power-dense power train ever made. Its proprietary hard steel shaft and axial flux motor are capable of pushing out 217 hp.

Blue Curtiss One Electric Motorcycle

The ‘Curtiss One’ Electric Motorcycle

Already known for creative and evolutionary motorcycle designs, their most recent model, the Curtiss One, is taking things even further. 

With a 399 V immersion-cooled system, a power output of 217 hp (future-proof capable), and a price starting at $81,000, it’s worth taking a look at what went into this machine beyond the incredible and daring design.

The Curtiss One weighs in at 425 pounds, with a ground clearance of 6 to 8 inches. The fully adjustable suspension is built with modular carbon fiber and aluminum girders, featuring race-proven RaceTech monoshock front and rear suspension. The One sits on 19 inch Kineo classic wire front and rear wheels with Dunlop K180 tires, secured with a Beringer 4D floating aeronal cast-iron disc brake system.

Curtiss Motorcycles certainly set itself up to capitalize on a unique position in the market from its competitors. 

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About Curtiss Motorcycles

While there are several electric motorcycle brands on the market, Curtiss Motors has always been focused on discerning buyers looking to spend more for an aggressive statement or collector’s piece rather than an everyday commuter for the average consumer. This focus has created a truly unique lifestyle brand for Curtiss Motors and its riders across the globe. Passionate motorcycle enthusiasts may refer to a bike like the Curtiss 1 as a functional piece of art.

Unlike many competitors, the Curtiss Motors design team and engineers were driven to make a high-end performance bike with high power and unique stylings rather than everyday budget commuters. Their latest models ooze modern styling, complex engineered and sophisticated technology, and leave you wondering what all that data translates to on the road.

What’s worth noting, like several other electric motorcycle competitors such as Lightning, their shift away from combustion motors came from an issue of engineering and the desire to improve high-end performance. With a goal to innovate, not for the gas savings. This is seen in the company’s mission “to create the perfect bike.”


While Curtiss’ focus is to create the perfect motorcycle, they certainly support the mission of reducing carbon emissions and taking conventional motors off the road.


The Future of High-Performance Electric Bikes

Their previous unveilings involved designs for the Hades and Zeus electric motorcycles. Two motorcycles that both show the company’s flair for eccentric design. These bikes are not impulse buys for the everyday motorcycle shopper, with price tags of $60,000 and beyond. 

Several manufacturers out there today have staked a claim in the growing electric bike and motorcycle market and have successfully established themselves. Others are more prominent brands, such as Harley-Davidson, that have since made a shift with their Livewire motorcycle.

Harley Davidson drew crowds to the launch of their Livewire motorcycle, which comes out at roughly $30,000 with an engine that boasts. 

With all these various competitors cementing their brand’s market share, where does Curtiss Motorcycles fit in with their innovative, luxury bikes? Comment below!