E-bikes have come a long way since their origins. The e-bikes of today are sleek and stylish options that people rely on for a variety of uses, from daily commuting to outdoor adventures. Read on to learn more about these items and how they are growing in popularity.

What is an E-Bike?

Electric bikes, or simply known as e-bikes, are basically just regular bikes with electrical components. These components include a motor, controller, and battery. These electrical components are seamlessly integrated into the design, which means that these aren’t as crazy looking as you may imagine. Many people think that these bikes are like electric scooters or electric motorcycles, but e-bikes are in their own category.

How do these e-bikes work exactly? You can expect these bikes to handle and pedal as you would with the traditional-style bikes. The electrical power used for these bikes is meant to augment the power of humans without entirely replacing it. However, what this does is make riding a bike a lot less intense so that you can ride for longer and more challenging distances and get less tired. 

What is the Best E-Bike for Under $1,500?

Are you looking for an e-bike under the $1,500 range? There are several options that you can choose from. Here are our top picks.


Ride1Up 700 Series E-Bike

Rid1Up 700 Series XR Blue E-Bike

One of the more popular bikes within this price range is the Ride1Up 700 Series Customizable E-Bike. This has a sleek and stylish aesthetic, which is definitely appealing to riders. It’s also well-built, giving you a bike that is both safe and comfortable. This bike has an 800W geared motor at the peak of usage and 500W while sustained.  There’s also no shortage of features, with an LCD TFT display, a quality motor that can sustain speeds of between 20-28MPH, and a heavy-duty kickstand. This awesome e-bike has a price range of $1,395 to $1,495.


DJ Fat Bike 750W

DJ Fat Bike 750W

Another option under $1,500 is the DJ Fat Bike: 750W Power Electric Bike. This bike features a very sporty look, making it great for both adults and kids who want a powerful mountain e-bike. This bike was made explicitly with safety and comfort as a priority but still is made with a durable and lightweight material. At its peak power, it has 1000W and a powerful 750 motor. The DJ Fat Bike has a price tag of $1,449.


(Just Under $2,000) ZuGo Rhino Electric Fat Bikes

Zugo Rhino Electric Fat Bike In Black

Don’t mind spending a little bit more on a bike? The ZuGo Rhino Electric Fat Bikes are excellent options to consider. These are powerful bikes that can offer you 90 miles of riding enjoyment per charge. It has an aluminum alloy 6061 frame, which makes it both durable and lightweight. You get plenty of power and ruggedness to allow you to take on pretty much any ride that you want to enjoy. Rhino Fat Bike start at $1,899.


Which E-Bike Do You Use for Daily Commutes?

Electric bikes that are optimized for urban usage are the best choices for daily commuting. There are a lot of people who use bikes that double as adventure or travel bike. Commuter bikes are typically more ideal for the more casual style of travel throughout the city. They will have broader tires on them, which offers the rider more stability. This also provides more support for the weight of the battery and motor. They will also have racks on them, which allows you to carry the items that you need. They are made to be rugged enough to handle the commute but are also lightweight so that you can easily maneuver around the city traffic a lot easier. 

There are some things that you need to consider when you are choosing an e-bike for a daily commuter:

  • How long your commute is.
  • The type of terrain of your commute. 
  • Comfort
  • How fast you want to go.
  • Budget
  • Aesthetics
  • Whether or not you need to carry belongings with you.
  • Weight of the bike

After you carefully consider these things, you can have an easier time picking the best daily commuter e-bike for your specific needs. Are you looking for an electric bike that’s built more for performance and style? Check out these five performance-focused e-bikes!


The Market Growth and Popularity of E-Bikes

It is expected that the e-bike market will generate a revenue of around $20 billion by the year 2023. Between the years 2020 and 2023, it is expected that this industry will see a sale of about 130 million bikes. These bikes were once considered undesirable options for various reasons, but now they are becoming increasingly popular. Why are they so popular these days? One reason is that they offer extra power to be less tired after their commute riding these bikes compared to traditional models. These are also becoming increasingly popular right now due to the pandemic, as people are looking for other options rather than relying on public transportation.  


Battery and Charging Technology of E-Bikes

ZuGo Bike 48v 5A Lithium Ion Battery Charger

This section will take a close look at the different types of batteries used with e-bikes and how you charge these batteries to ensure the battery’s longevity and your bike.


When it comes to lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes, it’s recommended that you avoid charging it fully to 100%. This is because these batteries can degrade over time, and the longer they stay at higher power, degradation will happen. The battery should only be fully charged every few weeks, and it’s important that you don’t fully discharge it either. They should be charged between 30% and 60% battery power.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the cheapest of the batteries. These are heavy and have less power output than other options.

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

With the right maintenance, these rugged battery options can last a long time. However, the self-discharge rate is absurdly low, with the battery going as low as 70% in a day from a full charge.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

These batteries can hold more charge than lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries, but they lack durability. They can also produce heat very quickly, even if there is limited usage.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

This is the default battery of choice for most e-bike companies. They have the highest power output for their weight when compared to other batteries. 



E-bikes are becoming a popular choice for people across the globe, especially within the United States. These can be the perfect solution if you want to have the freedom of riding a bike, without the hassle of how tired you get from riding the traditional bikes. ZEV Society will keep you updated with the latest trends in alternative vehicles like these awesome electric bikes. 

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