When they first hit the market, most people thought that electric bikes (e-bikes) would be a fad. By now, we know that they are here to stay. And that is because they fill a cleverly observed niche; the rest of us do like riding bikes but sometimes would rather not put in the effort. But that’s not entirely fair because electric bikes are ideal for shorter commutes in that they save on fuel and wear and tear are the car, besides being much cheaper than even a bargain car. In this article, we will review Ride1UP electric bikes and the options available.


Affordable City Transportation

That cities are evolving also makes electric bikes ideal for the urban dweller. Many cities are shifting their designs to be more bike-friendly and less car-friendly – city planners are working to make bicycles the preferred transport method in cities and light rail. For this reason alone, checking out an electric bike may be a good move right now. In fact, you may find you become the next Electric Bike Urban Dweller (EBUD).

Even if you have casually investigated the electric bike trend, you have noticed that there are many players in this market. And that is for a good reason. It is a big market, it is a new market, which means there is plenty of room for upstarts and innovators.


How Ride1UP Started

Ride1UP is an upstart founded in 2019 in southern California, San Diego, to be exact. Being a recent entrant into a rapidly growing market is no disadvantage as the founders of Ride1UP have had many opportunities to do practical market research – to see what works and what does not. It has also allowed them to hone in on the specific details that electric bike consumers value the most. We will get to those subjects in a moment.

Ride1UP established its business model as direct to consumer. This means that the rider does not have to pay the extra fees involved in dealing with a middleman – you save money from the start. Furthermore, because they produce a solid portfolio of bikes, they will more than likely have the type of electric bike you are looking for. And this all goes back to their market analysis informing the design of their units: form follows function.


Ride1UP Electric Bike Models

The company offers six unique platforms, each with a frame size option to choose from.

Ride1UP Roadster v2 Electric Bike

Roadster v2

The lowest price platform in their lineup is the Roadster v2. Starting at around $1,045.00, the v2 is the original. It is a lean bike with few bells and whistles, but that does not detract from its energetic looks and tight feel. This platform is designed specifically for smoother roads. The motor is quiet, concealed, and powerful enough to make your city commute a breeze.

Ride1UP Core 5 Electric Bike


Next up is the CORE-5 platform, a somewhat beefier version of the v2 and starting at around $1,145.00. Considered “entry-level” for e-bikes, this unit has a lot going for it. It has all the serious commuter needs to make their journey, and it is designed to last. Any built-in obsolescence here? Nah.

Ride1UP 500 Series Electric Bike

500 Series

Up the level to the 500 Series, and you will be on one of the best e-bikes of 2020. This platform is hefty, rugged, AND nimble. Capable of navigating nearly any quality surface, this unit has upgraded tires and improved gearing for a more comfortable ride. And starting at only $1,245.00, it is a steal.

Ride1UP 700 Series Electric Bike

700 Series

The 700 series is next in line and is worth every penny of its $1,695.00 starting price. Building on the shoulders of the previous models, the 700 series is designed to be both rugged, powerful, and elegant. The hydraulic forks will smooth even the most intractable roads, keeping you safe while maintaining your pace. Hydraulic brakes are on board to ensure you are in complete control over your journey. And the powerful Samsung energy cells offer reliability and extended travel.

Ride1UP LMTD Electric Bike


Platform: LMT’D. As its moniker implies, this one is for serious work and serious fun. Touted as being designed “… for the maximum allowable speed and performance before entering motorcycle territory”, this unit delivers the goods—more powerful motor, high-end tires, air forks, and nothing short of piston-driven hydraulic brakes. Starting at $1,895.00, this one may be the bike you keep forever.

Ride1UP Prodigy Electric Bike


Finally comes the newest member of the tribe, the Prodigy. As trail-ready as it is street-ready, this unit is the gorilla in the room. Offering a top speed of 28 mph and a motor that responds like a marine on a battlefield, this bike will take you places you never thought you would get to. High-end everything and a thrill to boot, it is surprising that it starts at only $2,295.00.

As mentioned, every Ride1UP electric bike has a selection of frame sizes within each bike platform, so if you are larger or smaller, there is a unit that will work for you. Each of the models boasts excellent durability, refined engineering, and top-notch torque and control.


Which Ride1UP Electric Bike Is The Best?

Now, when it comes to which model is “best,” that is an entirely subjective judgment. Ride1UP has a model for every need that encompasses purchasing power and riding requirements. If you want low-key riding along your local streets or “Mad Max” craziness in the off-road wastelands, Ride1UP has a unit for you. Needless to say, these bikes are built with the serious rider in mind, regardless of whether you choose the base model or want to pair up with the Prodigy.

There are many good e-bike companies out there, but only Ride1UP has really focused on what will provide you the best product for the best price. And one more thing, we never skimp on quality.