These days, people are looking for eco-friendly options, especially electric vehicles, due to the uncertainty in the world. That’s why car manufacturers are starting to put more of a focus on releasing these highly sought-after vehicles. Recently, Toyota has announced that they plan to release a global series of fully electric vehicles under their new “Beyond Zero” brand. The first vehicle of the seven that they announced is the bZ4X concept SUV. This will help you take a closer look at this new vehicle.



Toyota has a plan to expand to around 70 electric models across the globe by 2025. Seven of these cars, including the bZ4X, are under the “Beyond Zero” brand. The brand takes carbon neutrality very seriously, so they are working towards these electric car manufacturing goals.

The bZ4X concept SUV was built on the e-TNGA platformed used by Toyota. Based on the pictures, experts speculate that this concept SUV may be closer to production-ready, but there’s no official date for release. By looking at the exterior, the design does share some similarities to the RAV4, but it does have a more angular shape with sharper creases. The trim located around the wheel arches has a glossy black finish to it, rather than the standard matte trim. The bZ4X fascia (the material at the front of the SUV) was specifically sculpted to provide the cooling and aerodynamics unique to electric cars. The grille had smaller openings than you would typically find with the current Toyota lineup.

Judging by the images from Toyota, the scale of the bZ4X SUV seems to be about what you see with the RAV4. It has the same length as their popular SUV but also has a long wheelbase and short overhangs. The exterior is sleek and stylish, making you a thrilled car buyer when you purchase this vehicle.


Toyota BZ4x Interior

Interior Design

One of the coolest things that you will notice about the interior is that it has an “open concept,” with the digital instrument cluster in an interesting and a bit odd positioning. The goal of the interior design is that Toyota wanted to expand the sense of space in the vehicle and provide the driver with increased visibility. This is supposed to make it safer to drive, making the driver feel more secure as he rides around. 

The first thing that you will notice is the large widescreen display located at the dashboard’s center. Directly underneath it, you will see the climate control buttons. Underneath that, you will see the electric shifters and the various other physical buttons that you need for the safety systems. The gauge display is uniquely located above the steering wheel and the dashboard. 

At the base of this center console, it appears to have a decently sized translucent blue panel, which could be for a nook or the infotainment. Whatever it is, it just adds to the unique design of this interior. 


Other Details

There have been no details really released yet about the performance or the power of this car. The powertrain and range are among the unknown details at this point. They did say that this car will have electric all-wheel drive.  

Experts know that this car is part of a joint development with major car brand Subaru. Subaru is reportedly working on their own all-electric SUV, built on the same e-TNGA platform that the bZ4X will utilize for their car. 

Every detail of this car was carefully considered with the comfort and the confidence of the driver in mind. Drivers want to feel comfortable and engaged when driving around. They need a car that has as much function as it has style. Toyota has a reputation for its human-centric approach because they care about their customers and want them to have a great driving experience. That’s why every detail was meticulously designed. They want to meet the diverse needs of their customers from across the globe with this vehicle. 


Future Solutions

What does the future hold for this brand? As previously mentioned, the goal is to have about 70 electrified models in their lineup by 2025. In the future, Toyota also intends to create electrified options as part of its pickup truck lineup. The ultimate goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Which technologies can help them achieve this goal? Money and research are being put into this question to help them achieve their goal. Their bZ4X concept will join a lineup of fully electrified vehicles. This lineup accounts for over 40% of all of the alternative powertrain vehicles sold in the United States. What constitutes alternative powertrains? These powertrains include hydrogen fuel cell electric, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and battery electric. Toyota’s electrified lineup plans will include various options, including the BEV powertrain and hybrid options. 

Customers are looking for alternative solutions these days for their cars. Some are looking for electric car solutions because they want to save money on fuel in the long term. Some may want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Others may be concerned about the fuel situation in the world and want an electric car to protect themselves from this uncertainty. Whatever the reason is for you, you may be excited to see what this Toyota bZ4X will offer you. The future lineups hinted at by Toyota sound just as intriguing, making fans of this brand even more excited to see what the future has in store for these electric vehicles.



Whether you are a fan of Toyotas or want an awesome-looking and functional electric SUV, the news of the bZ4X is very exciting. Toyota has plans to produce this car in both China and Japan, with the hopes of beginning sales of this SUV by mid-2022. The details for the U.S. model will be released at a later date.