Wallbox, formed in 2015 in Spain, considers itself to be a smart charging company looking to liberate the world from fossil fuels.  Their first product was launched in 2016.  Winning many industry awards, they sell advanced and stylish, charging solutions for homes, businesses, and cities and are front runners in this market.  They aim to make electric vehicle charging simple and focus on hardware and software solutions to make it easier and smarter to do that.  All of their products are made in Europe to a high quality.  They are currently in more than 60 countries worldwide and are rapidly expanding.


They offer Wallbox packs which include:

  • an installation service, both single and 3 phase options
  • automatic power boost where it reduces the demand of your charger automatically if the charging exceeds the limit of the premises consumption. 
  • DC leak detection
  • Power-sharing, which distributes power among all points.
  • Gesture and Face recognition

Wallbox produces charging solutions for vehicles that can be installed into homes, businesses, and across cities.  These innovative advances in technology are market leaders and have won many industry awards:

  • Winners of South Summit in 2018 in Madrid, Spain
  • 3rd place winner of Startup World Cup 2018 in San Francisco
  • Winners of the Red Dot Design Aware in 2019
  • Silver winners of Edison Awards in 2020
  • Electrek Best of CES 2020
  • Engadget Best of CES 2020
  • Newsweek Best of CES 2020
  • Robb Report Best of CES 2020

The company is really going places and are expanding in Spain, the USA and in China.


Wallbox Products

Wallbox produces electric chargers that can be installed into your home or business locations.  They come in a number of variants:

  • Pulsar Plus – an easy to use, compact choice that fits in any driveway or garage and is compatible with all car types
  • Copper SB – comes with a universal socket suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicle connections.  They recommend this is suitable for commercial and semi-public usage.
  • Quasar – the first bidirectional charger for home use.  This actually allows you to charge and discharge your car battery which can then power your home or feedback into the grid.
  • Commander 2 – for public areas, it puts a touch screen interface in front of the users, with password protection, RFID cards, or a myWallbox app, it has a multitude of connectivity options and is therefore versatile and can charge any car up to 22 kW.
  • Accessories – including cable holders, extra-long charging cables (to 5m), power boost, and mobile connectivity accessories.


Wallbox Accessories

Wallbox also produces a number of complementary products that are used to support their main products:

  • Eiffel Pedestal – for single or dual mounting – for use in public parking spaces – supports:
    • Pulsa/Pulsar Plus
    • Copper SB
    • Commander 2
  • Onyx Pedestal – allows a mono or dual installation of a Wallbox – made of steel and glass, this is the most advanced recharging solution available. Offers flexible solutions with the most convenience. Support:
    • Wallbox Copper C
    • Wallbox Copper SB
    • Wallbox Commader 2
    • Wallbox Quasar
  • MID – The MID accessory is a certified electricity meter and is used to measure the amount of power that is used to charge the electric vehicle.  Primarily used for business to measure how much to charge customers for usage.


UK Grants

If you live within the UK, the government department Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) offers a grant for cars purchased after 1st October 2016.  If you have a private driveway or garage, and where a charging cable to your car, will not cross a pedestrian pavement, offer £350 off of the cost of purchasing and installing a charging point, from the 1st April 2020.  Wallbox installation partners will help with the claim on your behalf.

Wallbox really is at the forefront of the electric vehicle charging industry, offering state-of-the-art technology as well as keeping up with the ever-changing world of electric vehicle development.


Smart charging means faster charging

Using a smart charger, such as those developed by Wallbox, means you have the capability of achieving up to 22 kW which means you will be charging your electric-powered vehicle at the fastest rate possible from your home.

 The Wallbox chargers also allow you to manage the charging activity via your phone, notifying you when the car reaches full charge.  You can also adjust the rate of charge and allows a timer-based approach so that you can schedule the charge to happen overnight when electricity is cheaper.


Smart charging means cheaper charging

Charging your car at night when electricity is at its cheapest, means it saves you money.  This does mean that you have to alter the way you consider using your car.  Running a fossil-fuelled internal combustion engine car would have meant you may have driven it with an eye on the fuel gauge.  When it approached empty you would have to go and fill up at a nearby fuel station.

The Wallbox smart device and using the myWallbox app allows you to schedule charging of the car from your home and overnight when it is cheapest.  This requires a little bit more planning. If you need the car the next day for a trip, you need to ensure you charge it overnight.  Forget, and you have to wait, as well as pay a higher rate for your electricity.

The Wallbox smart App is even voice control enabled and can be linked to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you have multiple Electric vehicles the Pulsar plus uses a built-in load balancing.  This allows you to safely charge all of your EVs at once using a distributed system across the connected chargers.

Electric vehicles are here to stay and will only become more popular.  Technology advancement will make them cheaper, better for the environment, and with the prevalence of renewable energy being put in place by many countries, we will soon be driving cars powered by the sun, wind, and hydro technology.  This can only be a better thing for us all.