The Byton M-Byte is a premium all-electric SUV that was first shown to the public in 2018. It is produced in China and designed in Germany. This electric car is set to change the game as far as transportation is concerned. When the idea of this car was first uncovered, it was called concept. The name change from concept to M-Byte shortly after the K-Byte made its first appearance.

Byton is located in Nanjing, China but has branch offices in Munich, Germany, and Santa Clara, USA. The Byton M-Byte’s main competition in the market is Tesla’s electric vehicle. The features of the electric vehicle, therefore, will be similar to those of Tesla.

The order of release of the Byton M-Byte electric vehicle was as follows; China, the USA, and Europe.

Byton M-Byte Interior Design


One of the most prominent features of the Byton M-Byte is the incredible 48-inch curved screen on the dashboard called an infotainment screen. The electric vehicle comes with a hatchback, but its manufacturers identify it as an SUV. The BMW X3 and Mercedez Benz GLS class are similar in size to the Byton M-Byte electric vehicle. 

Two different classes of the Byton M-Byte exist; the first has one electric motor mounted at the posterior end, which influences driving on the rare wheel. It has a 72KWh battery power, and horsepower can go up to 268. 

The second vehicle is an all-driven car whose horsepower goes way above the first at 402, and the battery power is at  75KWh. WLTP values for both cars are 224 miles and 270 miles, respectively. However, this doesn’t give insight into what EPA ranges would be.


Specifications & Features

  • The batteries of both vehicles can be charged at home using charging outlets of 110 volts or 220 volts. They can also be speedily charged using a 150KWDC, getting to 80% charge in under 40 minutes.
  • Its physical appearance is not left out as far as luxurious and exotic properties are concerned. It is thoroughly stitched in high-quality leather and adorned with special metals.
  • The most interesting aspect about the Byton M-byte’s interior is the mobility of its seats. The passenger seat can recline backward for closer proximity to the back seats. This is particularly beneficial when you are having a conversation on the go.
  • The back seats are foldable can be separated as two separate seats or blocks with cup holders separating them, or they can be separated as three different blocks.
  • The cargo space can take up to 500 liters of load. When the back seats are folded, this space can go up to 1450 liters, a good amount of space for your property if you ever choose to move out.
  • The curvy infotainment screen is a unique feature of the Byton M-Byte, running across almost the entire length of the dashboard.
  • The electric vehicle has a touchpad that can be operated by whoever is in the front seat.
  • Every Byton has a smart gateway that processes cloud data and data of the vehicle, identifies potential threats, and even offers solutions as the case may be. It also provides an interface for syncing data across all your devices.
  • The user interface promotes a lot of human interaction as it has almost no existing button. It uses voice commands, face ID recognition technology, gesture control to input tasks or commands.

Other Cool Features

  • The infotainment screen can serve several purposes, such as watching videos, live scores of games, weather reports and forecasts, and so much more. This screen can be configured as the user pleases to suit their needs.
  • The Byton M-Byte has artificial learning abilities. It can take into account user information such as voice recognition, directions of movement. It can even recognize the voices of different users, create schedules for charging, detect malfunctions or noises coming from different areas in the car.
  • Byton has plans to come up with more sophisticated technology in later versions of their product cars. This car also does a good job at keeping the effects of bumping into a pothole as far away from the car users as possible. It can absorb the impact, leaving the user as unperturbed as possible.
  • The cabin provides superb sound isolation properties, especially in the rear-wheel drive. All the noise from the motor does not cause a nuisance when in the car. With the all-wheel-drive, this scenario could be slightly different since it operates using two motors, with one being very close to the driver.
  • The driving autonomy of the electric vehicle is not yet known in detail. However, everyone knows that the technology needed to power a completely self-driven car is very intense and probably unavailable. The expectation, though, is that this electric vehicle will have driving properties similar to its main competitors, Tesla and Jaguar.


M-Byte Specifications

Byton M-Byte Performance

The Byton M-Byte electric vehicle has different types of performance depending on the particular vehicle in question. The rear-wheel-drive functions at 268 horsepower and 72KWh of battery power. 

The all-wheel-drive functions almost double that capacity because it is controlled by two motors, unlike the former, which uses only a single motor. The horsepower in this electric vehicle stands at about 402 for both motors and 75KWh of battery power. 

Other Performance Specs Include:

  • Top speed stands at 190km/h
  • Power output is between 200kw (rear-wheel drive) and 300kw (all-wheel drive)
  • 7.5 seconds to complete a distance of 0 to 100km for a rear-wheel drive, and 5.5 seconds to complete the same distance using an all-wheel drive.
  • 35 minutes to complete a 0 to 80% charge.


Byton M-Byte Pricing

The Byton M-Byte pricing starts from an estimated $45,000 and can go up to $50,000. 


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