Ford F-150 Lightning reservations have been halted and the page is to be turned off. The stop comes so that current holders can convert their reservations into actual orders. Production for the F-150 Lightning is expected to start in spring of 2022. While Ford expects reservation holders to make their official order in January, they are advising customers that their vehicle may not be available until after the model year 2022 release.

Fleet and retail will follow separate processes according to the ford authority. Retail customers who were invited to order will get a waved invitation approach to orders. All retail reservations will be allowed to cancel prior to order conversion. Fleet reservation holders will be advised via email urging them to convert their orders in January. Due to the high demand not all reservation holders will be invited to make an actual order. Dealers will have the ability to prioritize a small number of their loyal customers.

For example:

  • Dealers <50 reservations get 5 prioritizations.
  • Dealers 50-100 reservations get 10 prioritizations.
  • Dealers >100 reservations get 25 prioritizations.

Prioritization does not correlate to vehicle delivery timeline and does not guarantee allocation.

Big Demand

With roughly 200,000 pre-orders for the F-150 Lightning they expect 80% to convert to sales. It’s a mad dash to get the latest and greatest electric truck. Hopefully we can expect to see some Ford Lightnings on the road next summer. This latest news from Ford is a good sign that production is getting ready to commence. Hopefully prototypes start getting spotted this winter.


The Ford Lightning offers a Standard-Range battery that delivers about 230 miles of range. An Extended-Range model for the lightning is available which expects 300 miles per charge. The tow capacity is expected to be 7,000lbs to 10,000lbs depending on the battery type. While towing may impact range, these degradation figures have yet to be outlined.

Prices were expected to be $40,000 and $90,000 depending trim, but with dramatic vehicle price increases due to inflation, we are very curious what the MSRP and actual price might be upon release. Scarcity in the new vehicle market due to supply chain issues have pushed used vehicle prices up dramatically, new order recipients may turn around just to sell at a premium!