Last week, GM released the Buick Electra concept for China. The Buick Electra will come equipped with General Motors’ Ultium battery and other advanced connected driving technologies. This Buick is a Gran Turismo styled four-seat crossover. It is a very distinct design with doors that open to the sky. The concept has 23-inch wheels which are said to help aerodynamics and maintain a futuristic look. The Electra’s exterior paint transitions from a light silver front into a darker almost charcoal rear. The open interior will lack an A and B pillar creating more space. The roof appears to be all glass which will allow for a unique driving experience.

Amazing tech such as facial recognition to open doors augmented reality HUD, and navigation that features live-view will be available on the concept. The powertrain will feature a dual-motor that can produce 583 horsepower all while giving 410 miles of range. Additionally, this vehicle will allow for over-the-air updates.

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Buick Electra Concept Design