Finally, the Tesla Model S is getting an update, a well-deserved update at that. Even though the 2021 model doesn’t change in any drastic way, Tesla has still found a way to rejuvenate the Model and breathe new life into it.

This update is well-timed for Tesla; as more brands look to expand into the market, Tesla needed a way to keep their cars fresh and at the top of the list, and they made it. 

So, let us see how the new Tesla Model S will look in the upcoming release. 


Refreshed Tesla Model S Plaid Interior

Refreshed Tesla Model S Interior Design

The interior has changed dramatically. Some of the changes that Tesla has made may give us a glimpse into the future and how they plan to incorporate self-driving cars. 

The design of the steering wheel has been altered from the previous Model. It includes a new yoke steering wheel, a throwback to the steering wheel found within racing cars. This steering wheel produces a feeling of high performance and excellent handling. 

The steering wheel also lacks stalks behind the wheel, as all of the buttons are on the wheel itself. As you can imagine, changing gears or indicating will be pretty different in this Model. 

Another piece of equipment receiving an update is the central console. Instead of the old screen found on the Model 3 or Y, the console will be embedded into the console horizontally instead. It will feature a tilting mechanism, which will improve the screen’s visibility to the driver, and the passengers. 

You will also find air vents on the Model 3 and Y dashboard, giving the new S a streamlined feel, a dashboard that does not feel cluttered. 

Even the back of the cabin will receive some updates in this new 2021 model. A new rear console will be included, which will feature a new 8-inch screen. There will be no more buttons include in the new S, as like the Model 3 and Y, they are being taken out and replaced by buttons. 


Tesla Model S Plaid Blue Exterior

New Tesla Model S Exterior Updates

The exterior of the Model S is not likely to change that much from the old one. You will tell the difference between the two models if you have owned Teslas before and are a veteran Tesla driver. 

The most significant difference that you will find is on the front. The fender has received some creases in the bodywork.

The headlights have also received an update from last the previous Model. The lights seem to be brighter and a lot sleeker than the last time. Likewise, with the Model 3 and the Y, the Model S has been dispensed with the chrome trimmings, and the windows and the door handles have a blacked-out appearance. 


Model S Performance Powertrain

Performance of the Refreshed Model S

As well as the changes to the design, the Model S will receive some changes to the performance that will get you moving. According to Tesla, the battery in the new Model will still be using the 18650 cells rather than the newer 4680 cell battery found in other models. 

Even though Tesla is still using the same battery, there will be improvements, not just the same old battery. It seems as they have improved the chemistry and thermals, which boost the range of the vehicle.

The Long-range Model will boast a range of 412 miles with a top speed of 155 miles per hour. This Model will also boast an impressive 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds.

The main improvements in performance can be found in the Plaid version of the new Model S. The new Model will reach 200 miles per hour with the extra motor and go from 0-60 in just 1.99 seconds.


Climate Control

The new Model S will boast a new and sleek air conditioning system. Unobtrusive and ventless, air will feel like it is coming from the screens situated in the dashboard. This new system is the same in Model 3 and the Y, long absent from the Model S and X. 

The new design will feature three different zones that you can control, and it will retain its heated seats and preconditioning functions.


Active Noise Cancellation

To make the cabin of the new Model more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable, Tesla has included an updated sound system. Twenty-two speakers throughout the car’s interior in conjunction with microphones will block out any noise coming from the road. 

This noise cancellation should give the occupants a quieter ride and less background noise, perfect if you are on a call or listening to some music. 


When Might Your Tesla Be Delivered?

Those who have reserved their brand new and refreshed Model S will be wondering when they are likely to get their new car. Well, the release has been delayed a few times. 

Initially planned for release in February 2020, the date has been move due to apparent supply chain issues and shortages of parts for the new car. Recently, some reservation holders have received an email updating them on their new car.

In the email, the holders are provided with some details and some reassurance from Tesla. Still, they have been careful not to give an exact date for delivery. However, according to the email, this status should change very soon. 

Some holders have reportedly received a June delivery date. Still, these claims are hard to fact check, so they remain unclear on the validity of these claims.  



So, are you looking forward to an upgrade to the old Model S? We are. Tesla appears to have improved on many features yet still has kept the old features they know work well. 

The Tesla Model S Refresh shapes up to be a perfect car and one a lot of people are excited to see in person and get to drive. One question that remains is how soon we will see this new update? Will it be this year? Or will it be pushed back once again? We can’t wait to see it!